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Hello, I'm The Shuffles. I'm a Pansexual, Bigender Metalhead. I mostly post about music and LGBT related things. and sometimes mythology.

I’m in the vicious cycle of being bored, so I search for things on tumblr, find people with stupid opinions with stupid arguments being stupid, I get annoyed, over think it and get genuinely angry at the ignorance of some people. Go to sleep grumpy. Wake up the next day check tumblr, get bored again, search up the same subject and get angry again. I wish I could high five all your faces with a cricket bat.

Just saw a whole blog about woman who are against feminism…I don’t think you quite understand. You may claim YOU don’t need feminism. But what about woman in countries where rape is more common than pigeons in England and they have next to no rights? What about them?

Anonymous asked: Dude the gamecube sucked



ϟ The Magic Begins Challenge: A Scene You Really Wanted To Be In The Movies, But Wasn’t

Have a biscuit, Potter.

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Okay I try to avoid hating on bands purely because I don’t want the drama. But Blood on the Dance Floor can just fuck right off. Someone just showed me their new song called “Call Me Master” Its about BDSM. And while I am a strong believer in BDSM being totally okay. Whats not okay is the fact this band’s main audience are a bunch of pre-teens. You know, If I had been accused of Paedophilia as much as Dahvie Vanity has been, I’d stay as far away from the lyrical subject of sex as I could. 

I got bored, so edited a selfie.

I got bored, so edited a selfie.

Just argued with someone because they said Finn the Human is voiced by Eminem…I told them that Finn’s voice actor is Jeremy Shada. But they didn’t believe me….

I thought I’d re-load this. 

I thought I’d re-load this. 

mhermeiser2 is back….Again…for the 12 billionth time. Just fuck off you massive cunt.